Sunday Gathering- Each Sunday During our Time of Social Distancing

After the Sunday Service on Facebook there will be an event for our congregation. It is called Sunday Gathering.

Who: Everyone is invited!

What: A chance to see each other and “chat” like we do during coffee time each week between worship service and Sunday School.

When: Sunday, 11:00 am until 11:30 am

Where: Online by Zoom via your computer, ipad, tablet, smart phone or telephone. Details will be in an email on Saturday from the church Administrative Assistant, subject: Sunday Gathering. 

Why: For fun and encouragement

Preparations: Collect these things for your use during the gathering:

  • Something colorful to hold up to signal you want to speak (spatula, pompom, sign, etc.)
  • Something to fidget with (bubble wrap, squeeze ball, play dough, knitting, etc.)
  • Something to snack on (chocolate, cookies, cheese, apple slices, etc.)
  • Something to drink (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, water, soda, etc.)
  • Paper and pencil for doodling and notes

During the gathering 

  • Tom and Esther Marmor are the hosts this week. They will have some light topics for guiding the conversation. For example: 
  • Make sure bright light is not coming from behind you as that makes you obscure/ in the dark
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking but remember to turn it on when you are going to talk (Note: only one person can speak at a time and be understood)
  • Hold up a colorful object (large spatula, big spoon, pompom, sign, etc.) to indicate you want to speak. (Remember to unmute your mike when you are going to speak)