L.I.T is a place where your
middle or high schooler can
come to study the Bible, eat
snacks, play games, fellowship
with other students, and participate
in fun events throughout the year.
Who: Anyone grades 7-12
When: Sunday nights 6:30-8:00
Our next big event will be a
harvest party day retreat on Saturday
October 28th. Join us for a day trip to
Stoughton farm in Newark valley. The
plan is to spend the day attempting to
complete a corn maze, going on hay
rides, shooting pumpkin blasters and
more. When we arrive back at the
church there will be pizza and snacks
followed by flashlight tag.
Be sure to dress warm, bring a
change of clothes, and bring your
Cost: $15.00/person
When: October 28 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Permission Slip: Stoughton Farm Permission Slip

Permission slips and money will need to be in

by Sunday October 22nd.